Human Resources Consulting

It increases your competitiveness, prepares you for international markets, strengthens the organization, reduces costs, improves management and decision-making processes, increases financial resource areas, provides general and specific information about the sector, and provides support for increasing productivity

As B&A Corporate Management Consultancy we form the basis of your sustainable success by diagnosing and investigating problems related to management, organization, application methods and methods, recommending appropriate activities and producing special solutions in fulfilling these recommendations by our professional team.

We provide services for the implementation of strategies, in the creation of strategies that will take our customers forward in the market they compete in, and achieve their vision and goals,

We serve our employers in identifying and recruiting individuals to fill key positions within the organization. We help our employers profile the ideal candidate, including attributes such as range of experience, educational background, technical skills and leadership skills.

We manage the talent community in recruitment processes, we aim to provide a wide range of jobs thanks to our active network connections and effective communication with industry professionals.

As B&A Corporate Governance Consultancy, we offer pre-employment assesments guarantee. We perform fast and secure talent management for the needs of our sectors in terms of technical competence, personality inventories, language proficiency specific to our talents.

Our extensive knowledge and experience in the Oil and Gas, Energy-Power Plants, (Oil & Gas, Law, IT, Tourism Hospitality, Merchandising and Health) Construction and Industrial building sectors, we quickly and reliably employ our employers for your national and international white or blue collar qualified personnel needs.

The services we offer to our employers during the recruitment process,

  • Identifying employer needs,
  • Determining the general qualifications and competencies of the position, preparing job descriptions,
  • Identifying suitable candidates from our advanced and up-to-date database, through HR portals, using our network channels and headhunt method
  • Making detailed and structured interviews, making technical evaluations and creating interview notes about the candidates,
  • Making wage offers with national and international wage analyzes
  • Performing reference checks
  • Evaluation of candidate and/or employer satisfaction after recruitment

Our support in the payroll consultancy process,

  • Preparation of salary lists
  • Preparation of detailed and comparative reports on wage payments
  • Calculation of personnel payrolls, printing of payroll, online sending
  • Preparation of insurance statements
  • Preparing İş-Kur documents and reporting them to the relevant institution
  • Compensation calculations and preparation of acquittals of the personnel leaving the job,
  • Making incentive calculations, determining the most appropriate incentive process for companies,
  • Temporary staff supply
  • Work Permit
  • Residence Permit
  • Citizenship Services
  • Exit-ReEntry Services
  • Private Health Insurance

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