Technical Service Consulting

To support the establishment of the necessary procedures for the completion of the project on time, on budget and at the required quality level and to carry out the necessary studies for the operation of these procedures,

Assisting in the determination/identification of job descriptions,

Supporting the establishment of the overall organizational structure of project,

Assisting in the determination/identification of job types and requirements

Assisting in the identification of process types and requirements

To support the harmonization of business and process types,

To support the determination of the current competencies and qualifications of the personnel,

To determine the training needs of the personnel for the job description and to support the organization of the trainings.

Performing a detailed assessment for the technical proposal package of subject project and creating a responsibility matrix according to the technical proposal conditions,

Contacting with the engineering companies for projects within the scope of EPC and providing support for necessary preliminary agreements,

Gathering technical and institutional documents together with the employer according to the responsibility matrix created, classifying these documents as specified in the technical offer clause,

Listing the technical deviations which will be excluded from the scope of supply,

Preparation of man-hour cost estimation for subject projects as per discipline wise,

Supporting for the predictions of type, capacity and durations for the construction equipment to be used during the project,

To investigate the commercial situations in the country for the subject project,

Local market research and pricing support for workers & construction equipment cost,

Supporting for the collection of prices from the manufacturers for the process equipment, steel quantities, pipe material quantities, electricity and instrument quantities of the subject project,

Supporting for the calculation of indirect costs as per client standards,

Supporting for the preparation of the final price and listing the commercial exceptions and deviations.

Providing support in planning of the project, holding planning meetings and scheduling progress checks, estimating and monitoring project costs, adhering to a budget, and reviewing the quality of the project against the desired target.

Supporting for the analysis of the current situation in facilities and/or ongoing projects based on technical findings,

To support the evaluation of the status of production quantities and the control of other consumptions subject to production through the analysis, existing technical inventories and prepared technical reports

Supporting for the identification of potential risks,

Supporting for the identification of potential opportunities,

Supporting for the finalization of reports on the current situation by making site visits,

To provide support in the analysis of the technical, commercial, financial, economic, social and institutional feasibility of the subject projects before making the final investment decision for the subject projects and in analyzing their institutional feasibility

Supporting for the analysis of the project’s needs,,

Assisting in the preparation of the feasibility plan for the Project and assisting in the organization of meetings with third parties,

Supporting for the preparation of the investment plan,

Supporting for the draft technical drawings for layout plans,

Providing consultancy services during investment processes,

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